Celebrated Nigerian Afrobeats sensation, Davido, has generously opened up about his harmonious rapport with none other than his industry counterpart, Wizkid. The charismatic Davido has been capturing the spotlight lately, igniting social media with fervor following the much-awaited unveiling of his latest opus, “Timeless.”

In an engaging rendezvous with the renowned Lagos-based radio station, Beat 99.9FM, the luminary behind DMW Records corroborated the whispers of a dynamic connection between him and Wizkid. With candor, he affirmed that the grapevine had it right—talks had indeed transpired between the two musical powerhouses.

What’s more, Davido animatedly confirmed that the forthcoming year holds a remarkable treat for fans: a shared odyssey as they venture on a captivating joint tour. This revelation, drenched in anticipation, kindled flames of excitement across their fervent fan bases.

Yet, that wasn’t the zenith of the revelations. In an enchanting twist, Davido deftly alluded to an imminent fusion of their musical prowess. As if in symphonic harmony, both maestros seemed poised to create an auditory masterpiece that could redefine the genre.

Wizkid, never one to be outshone, previously spilled the beans on his Instagram canvas—hinting at a tandem tour with Davido, slated to serenade audiences post his “More Love, Less Ego” escapade in 2023. The proclamation was a sonorous melody to their admirers’ ears, who for eons had ardently yearned for a harmonious encounter between the luminaries.

In his own words, Davido articulated the connection that binds them, stating, “I would be lying to you if I tell you that [the tour] is not in the talks. It’s looking like next year. I think me and Wiz are probably going to drop a record. Shout out to my brother. He literally calls me every week and checks on me. Shout out to Wiz.”

It’s worth reminiscing that Wizkid bestowed his benediction upon Davido’s magnum opus, “Timeless.” The album’s belated emergence, shadowed by the poignant loss of Davido’s son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, witnessed a poignant endorsement from the maestro himself.

Responses from their impassioned aficionados reverberated across the digital sphere. From omoalhaji___’s resounding proclamation, “If You Still Hating On Big Wiz, You Seriously Need Therapy,” to sonofwealth7’s awe-stricken exclamation, “So wizkid dey call Davido 2-3 days a week wow,” the camaraderie of these stars ignited a symphony of reactions.

In the realm of music, where competition often takes the center stage, the amicable relationship between Davido and Wizkid radiates as a testament to the harmonious vibrations that music can evoke. Their shared aspirations, collaborative prospects, and genuine camaraderie stand as an ode to the timeless allure of Nigerian Afrobeats.

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